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Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon 2014

Rotorua, New Zealand
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rotorua Marathon

The 50th anniversary of the Rotorua Marathon will be held on Saturday 3rd of May 2014.

The start and finish to the marathon are in the Government Gardens outside the Energy Events Centre, with the course heading out through Rotorua's CBD, down Lake Rd, Fairy Springs Rd and around the traditional lake course, back into town. The finish is up through the beautiful Prince's Gate Archway through the Government Gardens and up the finish shute. The marathon course is measured and certified to AIMS standards.

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Marathon Start

The start line is on Queens Drive within the Government Gardens, Rotorua, and is marked by a Start Banner on event day. We ask runners to line up first, behind the appropriate sign that indicates the time they anticipate completing the marathon in. This will then allow the start to go, and flow smoothly. Ensure you go under the Start banner for your timing chip to be recorded.

For health and safety reasons, if you are a runner and are expecting to take longer than 6.5 hours than you may start at the early start with the recreational walkers. If you start with the early start and run faster than 5.5 hours you will be not be in the running for any age group merit prizes.

Age Limit

Marathon entrants must be 18 years or older. Ages taken on event day.