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Gettysburg North South Marathon 2014

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gettysburg Marathon

The Gettysburg North-South Marathon is run against the setting of a landmark battle of the Civil War, the battle of Gettysburg. The soldiers of the North and South fought on the roads and fields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1863 in the Civil War’s most famous battle, a historic event that symbolized the breach between North and South, marking the turning point of the war and the return to a single United States of America.
The Gettysburg North-South Marathon honors the battle of Gettysburg with a unique marathon competition that pits runners representing the North and the South against each other in a scored competition. The race takes runners from both sides through the hallowed grounds of the battlefield. An integral part of this event is the competition between runners from the North and the South. Every runner is free to select the side they wish to represent based on their current state of residence, where they grew up, where their ancestors lived during the Civil War, or any other reason they choose.

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There will be a scored competition between the two sides with a commemorative prize (beer glass with the event logo on one side and quote on the other from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on the other) awarded to the winning side. The winning side will be decided by the following scoring system: a combination of the times for the top male and female runner for each side. The side with the most points wins. The winning side will be announced at the end of the awards ceremony. In 2013, the North won a closely contested competition. Can the South turn the table in 2014?

Marathon Course

The Gettysburg North-South Marathon starts and ends in the historic borough of Gettysburg, PA. After turning right onto College Avenue/Mummasburg Road, the course will pass through the historic Gettysburg Battlefield and then traverse the quiet country roads of Cumberland, Franklin, and Butler Township past orchards and fields. The course consists of picturesque rolling hills, with most of the climbs in the first 11 miles before the last 15 miles that are flatter and complete the race loop. The course is measured according to USATF standards and is certified so that results can be used to qualify for the Boston Marathon.