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Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2014

Cincinnati, Ohio
Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flying Pig Marathon

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon promises to be a beautiful course which "flies" along the streets of Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport. This race presents a well-balanced, diverse tour of some the best neighborhoods in the area. This course is a Boston Qualifier.

Hotels Near The Marathon

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There are 29 fluid and replacement fluid stations supplied by Gatorade throughout the full and half marathon courses. PowerBar energy gel will be provided on the course at miles 18 and 22. Restroom facilities will be at the start area, at the relay exchange zones, spread throughout the course near each fluid station, and at the finish area. Medical and first-aid personnel will be stationed at the finish and at various points along the course.

Marathon Course Entertainment

Sponsors and spectators will provide live entertainment every mile along the course. From music and costumes to signs and cheering, participants in the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon will be supported from the start to the finish!