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Ålesund Maraton 2014

Ålesund, Norway
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ålesund Marathon

The race starts at Moa in Spjelkavik, between Bus Station and Spjelkavik mountains. The trail follows the old Route Brusdal past Reiakvam, over time the bridge and down the European road. Where we turn the beverage station and returns to the starting area. Half marathon runners ran this round once (back and forth), while marathon runners have to run two rounds.

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Marathon History

Ålesund Marathon has a long history and rich traditions, but not in a form and route it has today. In 1993, at the start marathon at the church on Sjøholt and measure Kiperviktorget in the town center. Before that was held Ålesund half marathon in Spjelkavik from 1990 to 1992. It was a huge commitment behind the events, there were many visitors and it was a great atmosphere in the target area. Roe Holen was racing General and made a huge effort. Preparations started like at Christmas time. Half Marathon started in Brusdalen aimed at the town square. Later started the marathon at the town square, turned the head of Brusdalen and returned to the square again.

Then came the recession for running in general, the sponsors failed and we struggled to get volunteers to staff arranger. The choice became clear. We either had to close down the whole event, or proceed with a simpler version. Luckily we chose the latter and Helset Interior joined as sponsor and organizer. Eventually also Kondis-Ålesund come in as a good helper.